Man O’ War Cay

Man O War Cay is about 45 minutes from Treasure Cay.  This is a quaint settlement that has its roots set deeply in Bahamian history. It is known for its boat building history that is several hundred years old.  This tradition is still alive and the famous Albury Brothers Boats are worldwide recognized. There are a couple of small gift and art shop as well as the Sail Shop, which offers visitors the opportunity to observe the process of sails and canvas bags being created. Man-O-War is quite a conservative, family-oriented town. It is a "dry" island; there are no liquor stores but the many colorful shops, bakeries, quaint churches and a lovely beach offer plenty to do and see. There are also 2 excellent and very popular restaurants on Man O’ War Cay : "Dock & Dine" and "Bradley’s".

How to get there by boat or ferry from Marsh Harbour.

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Car rentals in Treasure Cay:
Ornald Cornish: 242-365-8623 (at Treasure Cay Airport)
Jensen Edgecomb: 242-365-8761 (at Treasure cay Beach Marina & Golf Resort)