Bonefish Hunt on the Saltwater Flats

These are lightening quick fish. Remarkably furious. Remarkably fast.

To hunt the bonefish is to wade through the miles of knee-deep, saltwater flats that circle the islands of Abaco, or to quietly skim the tops of the glassy currents on a tiny skiff designed for such skinny waters. Trust in your seasoned guide as he leads you in hunt of what is pound for pound one of the strongest, fastest saltwater fish.

It is a skilled game. A stealthy approach. The quiet spotting of its shimmering form. A finessed cast in the prayer like hopes that a stray ripple or a shadow does not spook the notoriously wary bonefish. If you are lucky enough to hook one, you are in for a fantastic struggle as the bonefish sets off on a remarkable run and you on a remarkable adventure.

Join our skilled local Bahamian guide to explore the many private flats, creeks, streams, grottos, channels and harbors that are known only to your guide and many schools of bonefish and permit.


Bahamas Bonefish fishing

Bonefish are generally found in shallow water, nearshore, habitat that is typically devoid of bottom vegetation. But they're also known to frequent other habitats including turtle grass beds, mangrove creeks and even coral reefs.

Their relationship to deep water zones is thought to be a response to high water temperatures associated with shallow flats or possibly spawning behavior - an area of bonefish research that is still in its infancy.

Treasure Cay has a mosaic of red mangrove studded tidal creeks, sandy bays, sea grass beds and exposed coral outcroppings that draw fish with each rising tide from the surrounding waters. This makes it the perfect location for bonefish fly fishing.

The Bonefish diet

Forage for bonefish in these pristine areas is primarily made up of bottom-dwelling invertebrates such as crustaceans and bivalves but also consists of small fish such as gobies. In a sea grass environment bonefish are known to be more selective in their prey, compared to a more general feeding approach on sand or marl flats.

Mimicking prey items in terms of look and movement is key to successful angling and a quiet approach and stealthy presentation will provide consistent results.

Known as the 'gray ghosts of the flats' your average bonefish is 2-5 pounds, but there's always that eight to ten pounder out there waiting to be caught!

Other saltwater fish in The Bahamas

While The Bahamas are famous for its bonefish, fly fishing is also the opportunity to catch-and-release other fish such as great barracuda and lemon sharks.



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