Little Harbour

Little Harbour provides an excellent, extremely picturesque and almost land-locked anchorage surrounded by approximately 1.5 miles of virgin beach and some rather amazing water. Little Harbour is also home to Pete Johnston and his Gallery, Studio and Foundry. Pete is the son of the internationally acclaimed bronze & wood sculptor, Randolph Johnston and carries on his father's tradition admirably. Pete's Pub and its owner's sculpture are about as genuine and unique as it ever gets. Uncrowded even by Abaco standards, Little Harbour, Pete Johnston's Gallery & Foundry and Pete's Pub make the 45 drive from Marsh Harbour definitely worth the trip! Diving, snorkeling, shelling, cave exploring are just of a few of the pastimes in Abaco Little Harbour. You’ll need plenty of local knowledge to get into the Harbour, or lots of skilled seamanship and an excellent eye for Bahamian waters. However, it’s well worth the extra effort!

How to get there: by boat or car

Guided Tours:

Car rentals in Treasure Cay:
Ornald Cornish: 242-365-8623 (at Treasure Cay Airport)
Jensen Edgecomb: 242-365-8761 (at Treasure cay Beach Marina & Golf Resort)